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International projects.

In the international area, 2006 has served to consolidate the capacity of the centre to lead activities as a whole. The common characteristic of the projects has been the participation in projects in conjunction with other centres, as in the case of Peru , as well as with entities and private companies.

As important as the actions developed in other countries, has been the training of foreign technical personnel realized in ainia. Experts from Egypt , Tunis and The Lebanon received training on topics such as quality, food safety and legislation. Likewise, the technical personnel of ainia have provided their services in Indonesia , Malaysia , Peru , Tanzania , Egypt , El Salvador , Colombia and Tunis , among others.

Innovatively, the International Projects Unit has initiated a new mode of action for companies associated to ainia, based on technical assistance to companies in other countries, suppliers of raw materials or manufactured products. In this way ainia gives greater scope to the services placed at the disposal of its clients.

ainia's international presence during 2006 has grown in both geographical coverage and in project diversity, maintaining its orientation towards technical counselling, training and technology transfer to developing countries. The international field has been extended towards counselling other laboratories, participation in cooperative EU projects and the development of alliances with other operators.

With sights on making ainia an international technological centre, there has been an increase in the identification of new geographical zones and the preparation of human resources to deal with the increasing demands for activity.

The main projects developed during 2006 were:

  Organization of Seminars on European Legislation related to the importation of fruit and vegetables from third countries, in El Salvador , Malaysia and Tanzania .

•  Organization of Seminars on European Legislation related to the importation of fishing and aquaculture products from third countries, in Colombia , Indonesia and Senegal .

•  Project of Support to the Technological Centres of Peru (CITES), with funding by the World Bank ( Peru ).

•  Support to the Department of Education of the Republic of the Lebanon for the initialisation of a training school for workers' in agro-food industries.

•  Inverse Mission of Lebanese authorities to ainia, as a consequence of the difficulty of carrying out a seminar in Beirut on European food legislation.

•  The Second phase of the project for the improvement of the Food Safety System of the Private Sector, with funding of the AECI ( Egypt ), in cooperation with the Department of Agriculture and the Recovery of Land of the Arab Republic of Egypt.

•  Participation in institutional missions of project identification and in international tenders in different countries: Vietnam , Thailand , Venezuela , Morocco , Turkey and The Balkans. Also missions have been received from other countries such as Argentina , Egypt , Turkey , Russia and Thailand .

Finally, we should highlight the role of ainia as a strategic associate in international consortiums, with an increasing number of prestigious entities that see ainia as a good collaborator for the execution of technical assistance projects in third countries, as well as a base to develop training activities in our country.